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Inspiring you be audacious, engage your wellness and create your own beautiful life.

About Us

If you want to learn daily health habits and mindset designed to help you take back control of your wellness; body, mind and spirit once and for all...you are in the right place!

Why You Should Join Our Community.

First, we're going to have a very valuable conversation about what health actually is and why it is important to live WELL. You will learn more just by hanging out in here than you have with the last six doctor’s you have seen ~ we promise!

Second, we believe our programs are the best in the world. Roxanne Harris was diagnosed with Autoimmune disease herself. She has been specializing in this complex health issue and all of the health issues and habits that lead up to devastating chronic disease for over 14 years in her wellness clinic. Not only does she have textbook and clinical knowledge but knows what it means and what it takes to make a choice to GET UP EVERY DAY and LIVE WELL ON PURPOSE!

The Audacity to Live Well on Purpose.


the sisterhood of Audacious Wellness Warriors

This exclusive tribe is for women who have decided that no matter what, they will engage their wellness  body, mind and spirit and do what it takes to create their own beautiful life, by making an audacious decision to to live well on purpose every day. 

In this community you will get exclusive coaching, programs, webinars and live group Q&A's with Roxanne herself and some of the top Wellness Warriors in our community to ensure that you are supported and on track to achieve your wellness goals. 

This tribe has the audacity to do what it takes to push beyond their circumstance, disease, mindset, emotions and peer pressure to see their dreams of health and vitality come to be. 

There is ALWAYS something you can do to uplevel your wellness! We are warriors to bring about a state of health that leads to peace, hope, joy, and balance in every are of our life. 

A warrior knows the intensity and perseverance of the battle, but also knows how to take time to rest, recover, rejuvenate and recharge. 

Join our exclusive community today. 

Your beautiful life awaits you!

Your WellnessWarrior General,



Audacity to Engage Essentials

Join our exclusive community created to support, educate, and encourage members of our dōTERRA essential oil family. 

Share recipes, DIY's , science, research, and learn how you can maximize your wellness using these tiny gifts of the earth. 

Gain access to our private webinars, classes and events from our best wellness educators and advocates, designed to empower and support you on your wellness journey.